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Super Mario Bros 2 Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

Super Mario Bros 2 was released for the NES in 1988. It was developed and published by Nintendo. The engine of the game is an enhanced version of the original Super Mario, having the same basics in gameplay but added more complex character features, weather features, and level designs. The game was commercially successful, eventually being well received to the point it was released for Japan with a different title, Super Mario USA. It has become a classic Mario game worldwide, even in Japan. The re release of the game was in Super Mario All Stars for the SNES and it was remade for the GBA and was titles Super Mario Advance. Some of the game designs were included in the Wii U game Super Mario 3D World.

The game’s objective is navigating through a dream world called Subcon to confront Wart, the game’s main protagonist. The player will have a choice of four characters which include Princess Peach, Toad, Luigi, and Mario before every stage. All four of them can jump, run, and climb vines or ladders, but every character will posses a strength unique to them, causing their control to be different per character. Examples are Luigi jumps the highest, Peach jumps the farthest, and Toad can pick items up quickly with his strength. Some of those abilities were carried over into Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo’s Wii U. Unlike the original game, the players can now move right or left instead of just right. The player can also move in waterfalls, cave levels, and clouds vertically. 

This Super Mario game was different for defeating enemies in that jumping on top of them will not defeat them. Instead, the character will be able to stand on them and ride them like a shy guy. To defeat the enemies, the player will need to pick an item up and throw it at an enemy, or they can just pick the enemies up and throw them away. The items the player can throw at enemies include vegetables that can be plucked from inside the ground and other enemies.

Subcon will have seven worlds that consist of 20 total levels. Every world will have a particular theme dictating the enemies and obstacles the player will encounter, like desert areas having quicksand and the snowy areas having slippery surfaces. The levels will have multiple rooms or sections that will be connected via ladders or doors. Some of the rooms will be accessible when specific jars are entered. The magic potions that can be found in every level will take a player temporarily to a Sub Space, which is an area inverted where the player can get coins and a Mushroom that will increase the player’s maximum health. When the player enters Sub Space inside specific jars, it will warp them to a later world, having them skip levels altogether. The other items that will be available are cherries, which when they are collected, it will give the player a Starman, and a POW block that is used for destroying the visible on screen enemies quickly.

A player will start the game with three lives. These lives will be lost whenever a player loses all their health from hazard damage or enemies, or when their character falls into a hole. A player has a chance of replenishing their health when they collect floating hearts, appearing when a certain amount of enemies are defeated. Game over is received when a player’s last life is lost, with the player able to continue twice during a single game. More extra lives are able to be obtained when hidden 1-Up Mushrooms are collected or when coins that are collected from the Sub Space are used for winning a mini game slot machine that will be played between the levels.

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