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Cobra Triangle NES Game Cartridge
Cobra Traingle was released in 1989 by Nintendo and was produced by Rare for the NES. It is a racing combat game where the player controls a speedboat equipped with weapons. There are 25 levels where you try to win races, defuse bombs, and save swimmers. The game is in a 3D isometric view that scrolls when the player moves around in the level. For it’s time, Cobra Triangle was praised for great graphics and superb game play. GamesRadar has it ranked in their best NES games.

Players will use a speedboat equipped with a cannon to use against the other water vehicles. The stages have graduated difficulty and the objectives vary in each level, with some levels ending with a boss fight. During the races, the player will need to avoid obstacles in the middle of the river and the riverbank while beating a timer. Power-ups are located throughout the levels that will increase your speed or upgrade your weapons. You can also attack other boats and go airborne using a ramp. In the bomb defusing levels, you need to move four bombs to a specific site on the map. In the last mode, you must destroy the enemy vehicles before they pull the swimmers to the side of the lake. If any swimmers are pulled over halfway to the end of the lake, they must be returned to the center of the lake manually. The player will lose a life if the objective is failed.

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