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World Cup Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

Nintendo World Cup was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Technos Japan and published by Nintendo. The plot of the game is simple. Thirteen teams from different countries compete in the world cup to become the number 1 team in the world. The NES version will differ from the version in Japan, including the game title. In the Japan version, it is about thirteen different high schools that compete in their own World Cup. The NES version removes the Tournament mode opening sequence. The NES version also will support four players compared to the Famicom version that only supported two players.

The game will follow soccer rules, but with some differences. Every team will only have six players, which include two forwards, one midfielder, two defenders, and the goalkeeper. The player is only able to control one teammate at a time, but can give pass or shoot commands to the other teammates. Offsides will not exist and the fouls will not be punished. The players on the field can repeatedly be knocked out with sliding, shooting, or tackling them. After that, they stay down until the half is over.

The player is able to use 5 super shots every half. These super shots are powerful will be odd looking. They are used whenever the player executes a diving header or bicycle kick. They can also be performed when the player shoots after taking a certain amount of steps. Super shots will vary among the different teams. The fields will also differ with the material, like one field having ice which will heavily impact the player movements and the soccer ball.

The two game modes available are Tournament Mode and Vs Match. During Tournament Mode, one player can go alone or play with a second player and choose one of 13 teams available. The goal is defeating all the computer controlled opponents. During the Vs Match, players will go head to head on dirt, ice, or sand playing fields. Four players are able to compete in this mode using a Four Score or an NES Satellite.

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