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Ninja Gaiden NES Game Cartridge

Ninja Gaiden was released for the NES in 1989 and was published and developed by Tecmo. The is about Ryu Hayabusha, a ninja on a journey to avenge his father’s murder. While on the journey, he learns about the man Jaquio who has a plan for taking over the world with a demon by unleashing it from two statues. The player will take control of Ryu and go through six different Acts for a total of 20 levels, encountering enemies along the way. The game is renowned for anime style cinematic cutscenes and its complex story. It has received a lot of coverage and has won many awards from gaming magazines. The game is also known for its intense difficulty. It has continued receiving acclaim for over fifteen years from online publications and other print.

While playing the game, the player’s character Ryu will have a meter to represent his life, which will decrease when being hit by projectiles or enemies. When the meter is completely empty, the player will lose a life. A life will also be lost if Ryu falls in a hole or if the time runs out. The game is over when all lives are gone. The player can continue and restart on the level they were currently on. There is a boss at the end of each act. To defeat a boss, the player will need to hit them until their life meter has been completely emptied. The bosses are a part of a group called the Malice Four, who are underlings of the evil Jaquio, the protagonist of the game. The group consists of Bloody Malth, their leader, Basaquer, Bomberhead, and Barbarian.

The player will attack an enemy by using the Dragon Sword Ryu carries which is katana like and has been passed down by the Hayabusa clan through generations. Secondary weapons can be used by Ryu but it will cost spiritual strength. Those secondary weapons that the player can use are throwing stars, boomerang like throwing stars that cut through the enemies, twirling fireballs that launch at enemies, and the jump slash. When the spiritual meter becomes low, secondary weapons cannot be used by the player. The spiritual strength meter can be refilled with blue and red spiritual strength items that are found in lanterns and lamps. Other items that can be found are hourglasses that will freeze all projectiles and enemies for 5 seconds, containers for bonus points, potions for restoring physical strength, a fire wheel to make Ryu invincible temporarily, and extra lives.

The player can have Ryu jump off and on walls and ladders, and can use the D-Pad to climb the ladders down or up. While Ryu is holding onto a wall, he can jump off the wall while holding the D-Pad the opposite way he is facing and then press the button to jump. Attacks cannot be used while on a ladder or a wall. This technique can also be used to get up spaces between the walls and columns by holding the jump button down and switching between right and left on the D-Pad. To climb a wall vertically, the player will need to jump off the wall and then press the D-Pad back at the wall quickly.

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