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Pro Wrestling NES Game Cartridge

Pro Wrestling was released for the NES in 1987, being the console’s third wrestling video game, with the first being M.U.S.C.L.E. and the second being Tag Team Wrestling. It was named in 1988 Best Sports Game for the NES by Computer Gaming World. It stated that the game offered non stop action, realistic wrestling moves, and realistic graphics. In 2001, Game Informer named Pro Wrestling 79th best game that was ever made, praising the soundtrack. It was also the #1 game in the U.S. for almost two months. It also was one of the first to have an actual referee, with the referee being pretty accurate. An example is when a wrestler is being pinned, the referee runs over and lays down to start a three count. If the player is being pinned and the referee is on the opposite side of the wrestling ring, the player will have a little more time to kick out. A cameraman was also added to the game, with the cameraman having no effect on gameplay.

The player will choose a wrestler that has unique skills, then pressing button combinations to perform different moves. The game makes it possible to get outside the ring, with the player needing to get back inside the wrestling ring before a 20 count by the referee. If the referee reaches 20, the game will result a loss for the player. If both wrestlers are outside the ring when the referee reaches 20, if will be a double count out, resulting in a draw. The count by the referee will be broken when BOTH wrestlers get back into the wrestling ring. This means if there is still a wrestler outside of the ring, the 20 count by the referee will continue. A wrestler can still get a count out while performing a plancha after crossing the ropes by a count of 20.

There are two parts to single player. The player will start by fighting matches against CPU’s with their difficulty increasing every match. After five matches have been won, the player will fight the VWA (Video Wrestling Association) Champion, King Slender. If King Slender was selected for gameplay, Giant Panther will be the VWA Champion and the player will need to defeat him. When the title is won, the second part of single player will start. As champion, the player will need to defend their title. After ten successful defenses for the title, with the ten matches being against the five remaining wrestlers, each one being fought twice, a match for the VWF (Video Wrestling Federation) title will happen against the wrestler Great Puma. Once defeating Great Puma, the player will become the interpromotional champion, ending the game. Some consider Great Puma to be one of the hardest bosses to make an appearance on an NES game.

Two players in the game is about the same as single player, with the difference being there is no title quest. Both players will select a character and then go straight to the match. The same wrestler cannot be chosen by the players. Also unlike single player, every match is the best of three.

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