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720 Degrees NES Game Cartridge

720 degrees was released for the NES in 1989 and is a port from the arcade game that was released in 1986. It is a skateboard game that has a time structure which requires the player to score points so they can keep playing. The name of the game comes from the 720 degrees trick in the air after jumping, which is two full circles.

The player starts as a skateboarder who is going around a neighborhood using objects to jump off of and using others as ramps. Tickets are used for admission to one of the four skate parks located in Skate City, which is the hub between the parks. A ticket is used when going into a park, and the player earns more tickets from getting points. While not in a skate park, a timer counts down. When the timer runs out, deadly bees will start to chase the player. If the player doesn’t get to a skate park in time, the bees will start getting faster, and eventually be too fast to avoid, and getting attacked will cause the game to end. In the parks, a player has chances to earn medals, points, and money to spend to upgrade equipment. The timer will also reset. To win, you will need to finish sixteen events across four different hubs.

There are four levels containing four events a piece. One of the events is the ramp in which the player uses a half-pipe to perform tricks to get points. Another event is the downhill in which the player goes down a course and the faster the finish line is reached, the more points the player gets. The third event is the Stalom, which is an obstacle course, and like the downhill, more points are rewarded for faster times. The fourth event is the jump, where the player tries to hit a bull’s eye by jumping off of ramps. Throughout the levels are map icons that when picked up, gives you a map of the roads, shops, parks, and your location. The game is completed once all the events in all the classes are finished.

While at a shop, there are four different types of equipment to upgrade. Each one starts at $25 to upgrade, then it’s $25 more per upgrade, maxing out at $250. Each type of equipment will upgrade you differently. The shoes will help you jump higher and have better acceleration, the board will help you go faster, the pads will help you recover faster when falling, and the helmet will help your rotation when turning.

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