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Ninja Gaiden 2 NES Game Cartridge

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos was released for the NES in 1990 and was published and developed by Tecmo. The game got positive praise from Nintendo Power and EGM magazine. It continued getting coverage and high ratings and was nominated for many awards in 1991 by Nintendo Power. Many viewers said the controls and visuals in Ninja Gaiden II were improved from the first game. It still had a high difficulty for the players but was criticized for a predictable and more generic plot. The second game takes place a year after the first game. An evil emperor named Ashtar learned about the defeat of Jaquio, then devised a plan for taking over the entire world and engulf the planet in darkness with a sword with the name Dark Sword of Chaos. Ryu is recruited by an army agent called Robert T. Sturgeon that tells him he is the only one that has the capability of stopping Ashtar.

Like the first game, the player will take control of Ryu Hayabusa and go through platformer stages called Acts. The ability to jump onto a wall and latch onto it is still in the game. Ryu will have two newer abilities in the second installment which are climbing down and up walls and being able to attack with the power boosting items while being latched onto a ladder or wall. The strength meter located on the top part on the screen will decrease whenever Ryu is hit. If the strength meter is completely empty the player will lose a life. A life will also be lost if the player falls into a hole off screen or if the time runs out. The game is over once all lives are lost. Like the first game, the player can continue if all their lives are gone and start from the beginning of the current level.

The player will defeat enemies using the Dragon Sword or using Power Boost items. The Power Boost items will use the player’s ninja power which has the meter located at the top part on the screen. The items include shurikens, throwing stars that move like boomerangs, fireballs that will shoot upward diagonally, fireballs that will shoot downward diagonally, and a firewall that surrounds Ryu, making him temporarily invincible and will destroy any enemy that comes in contact with him. These items are located throughout the levels and can be found inside crystal balls. They can also be switched by picking up a different power up item. Each item will consume a different amount of ninja power depending on the Power Boost item being used. Every level’s end will have a boss with a strength meter on screen at the top. The player will need to damage the boss to decrease their strength meter until it is empty to defeat them.

There will also be other items the player can pick up throughout the stages in the game. Those other items include bottles that will increase the score of the player, an item that will increase the ninja power of Ryu, scrolls that will increase the ninja power meter’s maximum, medicines that will restore the player’s strength meter, and extra lives. A new special move in Ninja Gaiden II is Ryu having the ability to split into separate bodies, cloning himself when collecting a ninja symbol colored orange. When the orange symbol is collected, Ryu will cast an orange shadow that looks like himself and follow behind him. The clones will copy every move that Ryu will make, including climbing ladders and walls and attacking the enemies. This technique can be used strategically to defeat enemies or bosses more easily.

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