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The Hunt for Red October NES Game Cartridge

The Hunt for Red October was released for the NES in 1991. It is based from the movie with the same name. The story is about the Soviet Union secretly building a submarine that is Typhoon class, having striking capabilities of nuclear proportions. This machine of war was named Red October. When it was on a trial run, Marko Ramius, the captain, hijacked Red October and it’s crew. The plan was to defect to the U.S. A weapon like this must never fall into the American plans. The caused orders to be issued among Soviet forces for them to destroy Red October.

The player will control Red October while it runs for freedom. Gameplay style will be a side scroller underwater. The submarine will be able to move the main four directions. Pressing A will fire a torpedo horizontally right and pressing B will fire a missile vertically upwards. Also, the player can activate Caterpillar drive, which is invisibility, for a short period of time. There will also be an ECM blast the player can activate that destroys all the nearby weapons that are offensive. The screen will always display the player’s Armor, which is health, and Power, which is fuel. If either of these start to run low, Red October will be in danger of getting destroyed. There will be power ups that will decrease or increase missile and torpedo power that are found when an enemy is destroyed.

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