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Kung Fu Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

Kung Fu, originally titled Kung Fu Master for the arcade, was released for the NES in 1985. The game was titled Spartan X in Japan and was a tie-in game based on Jackie Chan’s movie Wheels on Meals. The game did not have a bearing to the storyline of the movie outside the protagonist’s and girlfriend’s names. This allowed Irem, the developers of the game, to export it without needing the license just by changing the title. The players take control of Thomas, who is the Kung-Fu Master. The player will use him to fight through five levels in Devil’s Temple to save his girlfriend Sylvia, who was kidnapped by crime boss of mystery, Mr. X. The game is also considered as a precursor to beat ’em up games.

The player will take control of Thomas and having the actions to kick and punch. Kicks and punches can be done while crouching, standing, or jumping. Punches also will give the player more points than a kick and has a higher attack power, with the downfall of having a short range. The player will encounter underlings that include Grippers that grab the player and will drain your characters energy until they get shaken off. Knife throwers will throw low and high and take two hits to take down. Tom Toms are short fighters that can grab the player or do a somersault strike to the head if the layer is crouching. Floors with even numbers will have falling pots and balls, poisonous moths, snakes, dragons that breath fire, and confetti balls that will explode.

There are a total of five floors in the temple with each one having a boss at the end that must be defeated before the player can go up stairs to traverse the next level. Every level has a time limit. If the timer or the players energy runs out, he will lose a life and will restart the whole floor. A boss will laugh if they defeat Thomas. The game has five bosses total, using only two different laughs. The NES version will have a third laugh from the fourth level boss, Black Magician. When the player completes all five levels, the game will restart and be harder than the first time through. The details essential to the temple will remain unchanged. The current house the player is on will be displayed at the top part of the screen. Every time five floors are completed, a symbol of a dragon will appear in the top right part of the screen. When three dragons are added, the symbols will start to blink.

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