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Final Fantasy NES Game Cartridge
Final Fantasy was published and developed by Square for the NES in 1987. The game is an RPG and the first of many sequels and spin offs for this franchise. This classic has been remade for many gaming consoles and is packaged alongside FFII a lot in collections. The original title of the game was Fighting Fantasy, but it had to be changed since that name was already taken by a role play game-book series. This was supposedly the last game Square was ever going to release since the company was about to go bankrupt, but the company survived due to the great success of the game. It is now considered a top influential RPG for the NES and helped make the genre popular.

The setting of Final Fantasy is a fantasy world that has three big continents. Four orbs determine the worlds elemental powers. Each orb governs one of four elements, which are earth, fire, wind, and water. There are multiple races residing in the world, which include humans, dwarves, elves, dragons, mermaids, and even robots. Humans inhabit most of the world, with most of the non-human races having only one small town. Individuals from other non-human races can be found in the human towns and other areas away from their own. In the past four hundred years ago, people called the Lefeinish used wind power to create airships and also a gigantic space station, named the Floating Castle. Their country declined when the Wind Orb became dark. 200 years later, a strong storms sank a shrine that was the center of a civilization that was in the ocean, which made the Water orb go dark. The Earth and Fire Orb followed, which plagued the earth with violent wildfires. The town Melmond, which is an agricultural town, was destroyed as the vegetation and plains decayed. Years later, Lukahn, a sage, told a prophecy about Four Light Warriors that would come save the planet from the darkness.

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