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The Magic of Scheherazade NES Game Cartridge

The Magic of Scheherazade was released for the NES in 1989. It was developed and published by Culture Brain. The game, during its time, was innovative for incorporating elements from RPG and action adventure styles, featuring an Arabian Nights setting, allowing time traveling between five time periods, two different systems of combat which included team battles that were turn based and solo that was real time, and also introduced team attacks that had two members of the party join forces and perform a really powerful attack. There was also manga that was based on this game released in Japan.

The player will control a hero that is the descendant of Isfa, a great magician, who was unsuccessful in attempting to protect Arabia from Sabaron, an evil wizard. Because of this, the hero’s memory was erased, and Princess Scheherazade, his beloved, was kidnapped. Coronya helps guide the player, and their character will need to travel to five different worlds to save the princess’s father, her three sisters, and then the princess herself. During the journey, eleven NPC’s will join the party and help the player fight Sabaron. Once the father and three sisters of the princess are saved, the player will confront Sabaron, who then realizes that releasing Goragora, a demon, was a big mistake. Scheherazade was revealed to have never been kidnapped and been traveling alongside Isfa the entire time, being disguised as Coronya. The hero then destroys Goragora inside the Dark World, restoring peace.

Most of the gameplay will take place on the overhead map that the player will move on between screens, like The Legend of Zelda. In every world, a player will need to finish some tasks and find the allies in that area to recruit them. The player will be traveling back and forth in two eras in a world with a Time Gate that is found on a specific screen. The time travel effects are similar to another Zelda game, A Link to the Past, by having both overworlds look similar and drastically different at the same time. The landscapes will be numerous and will include an overworld that is tree lined, deserts, towns, underwater areas, palace labyrinths, and dungeons that are dimly lit. Every chapter will conclude with the player fighting a boss that will need to be defeated with the rod and magic.

The primary weapon for the player will be a sword that is used for close range attacks that are powerful, and the rod that is used to shoot missiles that will travel the screen’s entire length. Items and magic spells will also be available for negotiating obstacles and destroying enemies. The character will have three classes. The first is the Saint who only attacks with a weak rod and dagger, but will be required to complete certain tasks like obtaining Pukin, the NPC in Chapter 3. The second is the Magician, who will used the rod currently equipped but has a dagger rather than a sword. The third is the Fighter, who will use the sword currently equipped but always has the weak rod, no matter what is equipped. Changing into a specific class will often be required for some other quests too. A Mosque will be able to change the player’s class for a payment, or the player can cast Moscom, a magic spell, while a solar eclipse is happening.

When the player travels between the screens on an overworld map, a random battle that is turn based will sometimes be encountered. Two of the player’s allies will be able to participate in every battle along with no more than 4 mercenary troops. Specific ally pairings will create formations, enabling the player’s party to cast strong group magic. The enemies also will appear frequently in a formation. The best counters will be discussed inside magic universities that the player can find on the game’s adventure map.

When time passes during gameplay on the game’s map, the screen darkens and then a message will say one of the Alalart Solar Eclipses has started. When this happens, many things that are favorable will occur. An example is winning at the game’s Casino will become easier, and the player will be able to have Rupia trees planted during the earlier time period to later harvest for five hundred Rupias during the world’s later time period. The five magic spells will also be available to cast by a player.

There will be a wise man living in every one of the game’s five chapters, with each granting a player the capability of casting a magic spell. Once one is used, it will not be able to be cast by the player again until they go back to a Wise Man. During Chapter 1, the spell will be Monecom, which summons Rupia trees, giving the player max money and helpful items. During Chapter 2, the spell will be Raincom, which will cause a rainfall while in the desert. This will stop the desert from draining the player’s HP, and will only be useful while in Chapter 2’s present time period. Chapter 3 will have the spell Spricom, which will need to be cast while in Chapter 3’s future time period, which is a winter that is eternal. This spell will cause the spring to come for a small amount of time. The winter’s cold will drain the player’s HP, making the spell useful for conserving HP. Chapter 4 will have the spell Moscom, which will summon a mosque that will change a player’s class free of charge. Chapter 5 will have the spell Libcom, which will summon a mosque that revives all of the player’s allies free of charge.

The game will use passwords for saving a player’s location, inventory, and abilities. Certain passwords will be as long as 48 characters. The game’s system for passwords will be unique in that it will allow passwords to have up to six characters that are incorrect that will result in a player to not have to start the game from the start. If the password being entered is unsuccessful twice, having less than 6 incorrect characters, a message will be displayed saying that password was still wrong and to check again and enter again. If it is still wrong with less than 6 characters incorrect, another message will be displayed saying it was still wrong and to check again and enter again and if it still will not work, it will allow the player to begin in that world. If it is still not right in that specific manner, the game asks a player for the class and name. It then places a player at a Chapter’s start with attributes that are pre determined. This will result with a unintended select code for stages, since the chapter currently on will be stored inside a password using Wn, with n being a chapter. All a player needs to do is enter those two specific characters, and enter them three times.

There are special passwords in the game, having a total of seven. The ending of the game is able to be viewed when putting END into the game. The sound test is able to be accessed using the password SOUND. Putting nW into the game will start a player on a chapter n with all their allies, the game’s best equipment available, and each objective will be finished, with only a chapter’s boss left to defeat.

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