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The Immortal NES Game Cartridge

The Immortal was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Sandcastle and published by Electronic Arts. The game starts with a player controlling a wizard with no name. While inside the first room, a player will be given an option of viewing an image of the player’s mentor Mordamir, another wizard. He calls for the player’s aid from way down inside the labyrinth. Mordamir is also trying to communicate with another person, named Dunric. The two most common creatures that are present inside the dungeon will be trolls and goblins, both being at war against one another. This will be a small plot element within the game. The player will have the possibility of forming an alliance with the trolls or goblins, depending on their actions in earlier game stages.

Most of the game’s story will be revealed in dream sequences that are triggered when the player’s character rests upon straw beds that are placed around the labyrinth. Eventually, it is revealed Mordamir located at the Fountain of Youth fighting a dragon. There will be a twist in the plot when the player’s character locates Dunric, but Mordamir has trapped him. The player will need to made the decision of aiding Mordamir or the Dragon. The game will take place inside a labyrinth with a specific amount of levels to complete. The player will need to avoid deathtraps, solve puzzles, use magical spells in forms of scrolls and books, and obtain a variety of items to help survive the game’s labyrinth. Some items, however, will kill the player instantly if they are used carelessly or unwisely.

The combat while playing the game will be offered in various forms of characters that are non playable protecting or wandering a certain part of the game’s map. The fireball spells are freely used for dispatching the enemies on the play field that is isometric. Those spells are not able to be used when the game enters the combat mode. The combat mode will be initiated when the player comes within close proximity with those characters. Game play will then shift from the isometric perspective into a two dimensional perspective that is zoomed in and real time. The game’s battle engine will be limited to dodging the opponent’s attacks, along with the player performing sword stabs and swings. Also on top of walking, specific levels will allow the player to have a magical carpet that will fly and be able to paddle through water when sitting on top of a floating barrel.

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