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Deadly Towers NES Game Cartridge

Deadly Towers was released in North America in 1987 for the NES an is an RPG by Lenar. It became a best selling game in 1987 and was one of the first RPG’s in North America. The game was known in Japan as Masho, which meant Evil Bell. It was a pun of another word which meant devilishness. Japan stayed with this theme by having a red LED light atop the cartridge that illuminated when the game was turned on. The English title was going to be Hell’s Bells, but Nintendo in America would not issue their seal of quality until Borderbund, the North America publishers, would change the name.

The player takes control of Prince Myer, who was pondering at lakeside of the kingdom’s future on the eve night of his ceremony to be coronated. A shadowy figure named Kami rose from the lake and formed into a man. This figure then greets himself to Prince Myer by his name, but doesn’t identify who he is. He then proceeds to tell Prince Myer about the Devil of Darkness, Rubas, who is preparing to take over the Willner Kingdom with seven bells of magic that have the capability of calling upon monsters to form an army. To prevent this from happening, Prince Myer will need to travel towards the mountain in the north so he can burn all seven bells in the sacred flame. He must also burn all seven of the bell towers in the magic palace of Rubas, then fight and destroy Rubas.

The game is in a perspective where the screen will only scroll sideways except when in the towers, then scrolling vertically. Myer can move in all eight directions and can attack with a sword by throwing it. After killing monsters, the player will earn coin currency called ludder which can be used at shops located in dungeons for better equipment. The inventories could change every visit, but the shops themselves are always in the same location. There are ten labyrinthine dungeons located in the palace. The first of the dungeons has a total of 167 screens and increases to a max of 235 screens by the tenth dungeon. All seven of the bell towers have a boss at the top. Also inside the towers are hidden, invisible portals that leads to the Parallel Zone, which is a secret area. Here, the player can acquire superior equipment compared to the shop equipment.

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