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Othello NES Game Cartridge

Othello was released for the NES in 1988. It was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Acclaim. Reversi is what the game Othello was based on. It has similarities to both checkers and chess. Before television came to be, the board game was invented. The game will be played with chips, aka discs, that have two sides, white and black, on the board. A player will choose either the white chips or the black chips. Games are played against a computer or another player. The game’s goal is trying to end a game with the most chips possible showing the color you chose at the start. For the player to accomplish this, they will need to sandwich the opponents chips with a in between a piece that is their color that is already on a board and the current piece that is being played.

The game will have four different skill levels against the computer, including a fifth skill level if the player defeats a computer on skill level four. There apparently is a game with slot machines that can be revealed after pressing Select and A at the game’s menu screen. The word slot appears at the screen’s top and it is said the game starts after completing a game with two players. Some users reported that nothing will happen after SLOT appears on the screen.

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