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Rush’n Attack NES Game Cartridge

Rush ‘n Attack was released for the NES in 1987. It was originally an arcade game released in 1985 under the name Green Beret. The game was developed and published by Konami. It is also remembered for being set during the Cold War and relying on the player to use a knife for killing the enemies. The player will use a special ops soldier from the United States and try to infiltrate the enemies’ military base to destroy a their secret weapon that is being developed in their headquarters. The arcade version has the player trying to rescuing multiple POW’s. Also in the NES version, a 2 player co-op was added, which allowed simultaneous play with two different players. Player 1 is wearing blue and Player 2 is wearing red.

The game has six stages, two more than the arcade. The first stage is the Marshalling Area, the second is an airport, the third is a Harbor, the fourth is an Air Base, the fifth is the Siberian Camp, and the sixth is inside the enemy base. Other weapons can supplement the knife when they are found. When certain enemies are killed, weapons will be dropped from that enemy. These include an RPG with four shots and three hand grenades, with the flamethrower being removed from the NES game. There are two new power ups that are found in the game not in the arcade. These include Star Marks that give the player invincibility and pistols that will have unlimited ammunition. Both of these items will have a limited time period of use.

Every stage will have a groups of enemies that are unique to each stage. The first stage will have a truck full of soldiers that run and jump kick. The second stage will have rocket soldiers in a group. The third stage will have fierce dogs in a pack. The fourth stage will have three autogyros shooting at you. The fifth stage will have paratroopers in a unit. The sixth stage will have the player disarm the nuclear missile that is close to being launched.

If the player stays still in an area, they can rack up a lot of points. If the player stands in an area too long, the game starts to send out stronger enemies and will eventually send bombers that are stealthy that will try taking the player out. Each level also has a time limit that is invisible to the player and will kill them if they take too long to finish a stage.

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