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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom NES Game Cartridge


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released for the NES in 1988. It was developed by Atari Games and published by Mindscape. The game was originally released for the arcade in 1985, a year after the film was released. The goal of companies when they made games for the NES were to port games that were popular in the arcade and produce games that were based on television and popular movies. This game satisfied both. There are some differences with the NES and arcade versions. In the arcade game, the Sankara Stones would not be all found within one location in a wave’s end. The player will instead travel through temples every couple rounds. Also, the gameplay style will be different and will give the player more items and weapons to collect for Indiana Jones. This is done by freeing slave children. The player was also not able to jump in the past incarnations of this game.

The NES version’s plot will follow the film’s story line. At the game’s onset, Indiana Jones has reached the movie’s Pankot Palace and prepares to free all the children slaves, find the misplaced Sankara Stones, then defeat Mola Ram’s Thuggee entourage and Mola Ram himself. The layout and manner the game will progress will be different from the arcade game, but the story line is unchanged. The player will advance through twelve levels that are called waves. Waves one through 9 will require the player to find the Sankara Stones throughout the palace. The player will be able to restart a game with the items they found still intact from the last place that was reached during these levels. If a player dies afterwards, they will return to Wave nine and from there, complete the game. Every level will have a timer that begins at 99 and will count down to zero. If the timer runs out, Mola Ram will confront Jones and the player will lose a life and their items. Every level will have a mine cart room where the player will ride rails through hazards and enemies.

Wave Nine will have the player cross a lava river by stunning monsters living there. When the player gets across, Jones will need to grab the Stones in order to progress into a Map Room. Inside that room, the player uses map pieces that were collected to find out where Wave ten’s secret exit is. Another way to find this exit is Wave eight’s secret idol that reveals the hidden door. To pass will require the Stones and TNT. Wave eleven will lead to the door and Wave twelve will recreate the scene on the bridge with the main protagonist Mola Ram. There are various elements that will hinder or aid the player while progressing. Jones will have swords, guns, TNT, hats that give extra lives, some jewels that give more time, and the whip. The enemies are Thugee servants, spiders, snakes, rats, and bats. A life will also be lost if the player lands in lava, crashes inside a mine, or hits spike traps or boulders.

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