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Super Contra Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

Super C was released for the NES in 1990. It was originally an arcade game that was released in 1988. It is a sequel to Contra and a part of its series. Both the NES and arcade versions have been re released in a variety of other platforms. The story takes place a whole year after battling the Red Falcon Organization. Lance and Bill are sent to do another mission, but this time, a military base that is one of their allies is taken over by alien forces, capturing almost all of the troops and possessing them. They will not need to only fight their comrades, but will also need to fight a newer form of the exact alien creatures fought back in the previous mission.

Like the original Contra, Super C can have two players at the same time. The first player will control Bill and the second player will control Lance. The side scroller style of gameplay is retained from the last game, but the fixed screen and pseudo 3D segments have been discarded. The game now features stages that are vertically scrolling and are played in an overhead view with the player being able to move in all eight directions. The controls are the same mostly while playing in the segments with side scrolling. The difference is a player can control how high they jump.

The default gun the player has can be replaced with one of the four different weapons when they destroy fling capsules that will appear throughout every stage. The weapons available include machine guns, a spreader gun, laser guns and bomb guns. If the same weapon upgrade is picked up again that the player is already using, it will give a greater power to that gun. While in the overhead stages, there are hyper shells that the player can pick up that will destroy all the enemies on screen. It is launched with the jump button, and can be launched any time while on these stages, with the player able to store one to use when they need it. When lives are all lost, the player has five continues before their game is completely over. Either player can continue any time without having to wait until another loses all their lives.

When it comes to stages, the NES version has three that are unique. These three stages are the alien nest, a mountain, and a base that is high tech. All of these stages are vertical scrolling. The later stages order and bosses will also differ from the arcade version, with the NES having new bosses that will be featured, also including a new ending boss. Throughout every stage, the player will need to fight their way through enemy lines that include some mini bosses until they reach the last target that is waiting for them in the end. The Konami Code that was in the first Contra was not in the game. Instead, there was a new code that gave thirty lives for the version on the Famicon and only ten lives for the NES version.

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