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Anticipation NES Game Cartridge

Anticipation was Nintendo’s first video board game that was released for the NES in 1988. Nintendo published the game while Rare developed it. The game can be single player while competing against computer opponents or four players can play with the NES Four Score.

Gameplay elements are put together from the board games Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary. There are four different game pieces the player can choose to be represented by. Those are pink high heels, a cone of ice cream, teddy bear, and a horn. A picture will start to be slowly drawn and the first player to buzz and guess the picture correctly will move forward on the board. The player will move the number of spaces shown on a dice. The number starts out as 6 and as the picture is being drawn, the number will count down. The longer it takes for someone to answer, the less amount of spaces they will move once guessed right. When a player will go up to the next game board once they guess a drawing correctly in all four categories on the current level.

The difficulty settings of Easy and Medium have three levels and The difficulties Hard and Very Hard have four levels. After the third level, the board will have gray Feature Squares. If the player lands on one of these gray squares, it will cause their piece to fly above the board going around it until the player presses a button. Once the button is pressed, a puzzle will be played corresponding to the color hit. The layout of the fourth level is similar to the third level, with the difference being having gaps where there used to be spaces. If the player lands on a gap, they will fall back down to the third level, but can can get back up by answering the leftover categories on the third level.

Four categories are on each of the game boards which are tied to colors of spaces. The colors are green, pink, yellow, and blue. A turbo button controller can have a piece land on the exact same Feature Square, forcing a puzzle from a random category to be played. The background will now be gray and will not count for a player’s puzzle requirement for every category.

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