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Little League Baseball NES Game Cartridge

Little League Baseball: Championship Series was released for the NES in 1990. The player will have a choice of 16 teams from baseball’s little league from all over the world from Texas all the way to the Chinese Taipei. Eight teams will be domestic and  the other eight teams are foreign from Europe and Asia. It uses the same engine that Baseball Stars uses, another NES game. The cartridge of Little League is common for game collectors and such, but the original box the game came in and the manual are actually more difficult to find.

One player mode makes the player participate in an international tournament that is mandatory and two players will allow exhibition. Each game has six innings not including the extra innings. There is also a mercy rule if an opposing team has 10 plus runs more than the other team, ending the game early. The baseball players can be replaced or put back in, simulating real Little League style baseball. One rule that is not like Little League is that it is not mandatory for every player to have a chance to bat and play on the field at least for two innings. There is also an analysis of the teams, giving you the stats for defense, running, pitching, and batting. The ratings of players range from a minimum of 1, being awful, to a maximum of 5, being perfect.

The pitchers and batters have a lot of freedom for moving around the mound and batter’s box. When batting, the player can also control the swing and has the ability to bunt. The pitcher can throw a fastball or changeup, along with curving a thrown ball right and left. All players on defense can dive for the balls or jump to snare a line drive. The player can also adjust the defense for defending a bunt or a pull hitter.

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