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Bill Elliot’s Nascar Challenge NES Game Cartridge

Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Challenge was released for the NES in 1991. Konami published the game. This was the first game ever to have the NASCAR licensing. Some of the tracks are from actual NASCAR, like Talladega and Watkins Glen. It featured Bill Elliott, a real driver from NASCAR, which was also a first.

The game is a Winston Cup simulation of NASCAR, operating like you are really racing. The gameplay is first person inside of the car you are driving. The player can choose either to drive a single race for each track or drive for the Winston Cup championship. The distance for the races can be chosen, ranging from a short 10 miles all the way to 500 miles, the real distance for superspeedway races. The NES version of this game has four tracks that are run twice to total eight races. The game will award points to the player consistent to real-life during that time of the Winston Cup. You can also set your car up, and the game will show the effects. Another option the player has is choosing whether they want to race with damage effecting the car, or damage not affecting anything. No matter which option the player chooses with damage, a collision that is large enough with another car will always end up putting the player out.

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