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Disney’s Aladdin SNES Game Cartridge

Disney’s Aladdin was released for the NES in 1993. Capcom developed and published the game. The game is based from the animated movie having the same name. The player will take control of Aladdin and Abu, his monkey.

Within every stage, the player will need to defeat enemies by jumping onto them or throwing apples to disorient them, all while trying to avoid dangerous obstacles. The gems scattered throughout the levels are able to be collected for gaining points and extra lives. There will be 8 red gems that are located in every stage. The player’s score will increase substantially if all 8 are collected.

Most of the game’s stages will have a chest that will contain a scarab that will fly around for a couple seconds. If collected before disappearing, the scarab give the player access to the bonus stage where they will spin a wheel, allowing Genie to give the player special bonuses or extra lives. The player’s health meter will start with 3 hearts and will deplete every time they are hit. The number of hearts the player has is able to be increased through bonus stages or pickups.

The two levels that are self scrolling in the game are the Princess Jasmine carpet ride and Cave of Wonders. While inside the cave, the player will need to move down and up to dodge obstacles while trying to outrun lava waves. The Jasmine level is a bonus stage, occurring between level 5 and level 6, that is free flying. During this stage, the player is able to collect gems and the level will end once the melody ends. Level 1, level 6, and level 7 will feature a boss the player will need to defeat, with level 7 being the game’s final stage. Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5 will require the player to reach the end for completion.

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