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Donkey Kong Jr. NES Game Cartridge

Donkey Kong Jr was released for the NES in 1983. It was originally an arcade game released in 1982. The game was developed and published by Nintendo. This is a sequel to Donkey Kong, having Mario as a hero and Donkey Kong as a villain. This time however, Mario is the antagonist, making this the only game Nintendo has him as a villain. In Donkey Kong Jr, Mario has Donkey Kong captured and places him inside a cage for kidnapping Pauline, Mario’s girlfriend. DK Jr will need to save his father by working through stages. Mario tries to stop putting obstacles in the way and releasing animals. If DK Jr completes the final stage, Donkey Kong will be freed and will kick Mario off the screen, leaving Mario to a fate unknown.

The gameplay is platformer style and will have four stages with every stage having a theme unique to that stage. The layer can jump, run right and left, and grab ropes, chains, and vines to climb to higher parts on the stage. While climbing, the player can slide down quickly by holding onto a single vine or climb up quickly by holding onto two. The enemies in the game are Snapjaws, which look like bear traps that have eyes, Nitpickers which are bird like, and Sparks, which roam across wiring in Mario’s hideout. To get past stages one, two, and three, the player will need to reach a key near the top of the stage. In stage four, the player will need to push six different keys into the locks located near the stage’s top to be able to release Donkey Kong. After a cutscene, the game will start over at stage one but the difficulty has increased.

The player will lose a life when they touch a projectile or an enemy, falls at a distance too far, or when they fall to the screen’s bottom. A life will also be lost once the stage timer reaches zero. When all the lives are lost, the game will end. Like the first game Donkey Kong, DK Jr at stage 22 will have the kill screen. Since the counter for level’s only has a single digit, levels 1 through 9 will appear normally, levels 10 through 16 will have seven blanks, and levels 17 through 22 will have letters A through F. The game’s kill screen will occur the exact same way as Donkey Kong’s kill screen, having an overflow of integers occur after giving too large of a result after multiplication problems inside the game’s computing. The timer will then count like there is 700 points, and then will kill the player until all the lives are gone.

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