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Infiltrator NES Game Cartridge

Infiltrator was released for the NES in 1986. It was developed by Chris Gray Enterprises and published by Mindscape. The story is about a hero with the name Johnny McGibbits, with a nickname of Jimbo Baby. The objective of the player is flying a helicopter, like Airwolf, called Gizmo DHX-3, get to the enemy bases, then infiltrate them and put a stop to their mad leader. The game will be split into six different missions. Three which are flying missions with the helicopter and three that are ground based, being paired together.

While the player is flying the helicopter, which are the the odd numbered missions one, three, and five, the objective is taking off inside the helicopter, programming an ADF so it will set the right course, maneuver the chopper to a landing area and hail close by planes to see if they will be a foe or friend and then engage in a firefight if there is an incorrect response, and then safely land the chopper without detection by using whisper mode. The helicopter will have the Turbo Engine, Status Terminal, Radio Communications, flares, chaffs, guns, and missiles. A ground mission starts after landing safely with the player having access to five items in the inventory. Papers will be used for tricking enemies into thinking the player is on their side. If guards become suspicious, gas grenades or a gas canister will need to be used to make them become unconscious. A mine detector will be used for discovering buried mines when walking around. Explosives will be used for the last ground mission for destroying the base of the leader.

The goal of every mission is finding the security card that is hidden inside a cabinet that is inside a building with many rooms. When the card is found, it will open security doors that were locked that are protecting every mission’s goal. During the game’s second mission, four chemical containers will need to be located and taken to a lab to be analyzed to find out which one is a nerve gas for neutralizing. The vat with nerve gas will then need to be found so it can be neutralized. During the game’s fourth mission, a Doctor named Phineas Gump will need to be located and rescued. He is a scientist that the enemy leader has captured. The player will then feed him an invisibility pill and then try to escape. During mission six, all seven missile control rooms will need to be found and have explosives planted in them. There will then be a ten minute timer, lasting twenty real time minutes, that will count down with the player needing to escape.

After a ground mission is completed, the player will need to make their way back to their helicopter and then fly back to the home base. Returning to the home base will be shorter and with less enemies than going to an enemy base. Once a mission is completed, they will be given a passcode with four letters. This will let the player return to a mission.

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