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Star Voyager NES Game Cartridge

Star Voyager was released for the NES in 1987. The game was developed by ASCII Entertainment and was published by Acclaim. The player in this game will navigate sub spaces on a large world map, with gameplay taking place between the different subspaces. The story centers on a single pilot inside a spaceship that is protecting the transport ship called CosmoStation Noah full of refugees from the intergalactic terrorists called the Molok Wardrivers.

The goal of the player is trying to eliminate every enemy fleet before they have the chance to surround CosmoStation Noah while it is stationary. The player can visit eight separate planets to search for upgrades for weapons and the engine of his ship. There are five space stations the player can use for repairing their ship and CosmoStation Noah. A field of asteroids may also be visited, and there is a black hole that is impossible to escape from. The player will win the game when defeating the armada of the enemy and then returns to his base safely. The game will be lost if somehow the enemies reach CosmoStation Noah, the black hole is entered, the player’s spaceship runs completely out of the fuel crystals, or if their life support fails.

The gameplay will be on a grid that is 10×10 and is randomized whenever a game is started. The exception is the CosmoStation Noah and the player will always start at the top left with all five of the beginning fleets of Molok Wardrivers starting at the bottom right. To progress on the grid, players will need to select coordinates for their destintation with the menu grid select or the HUD. "B" must then be held down to charge power to be able to travel the amount of sectors required to get to their desired destination. The destination is identified with the number at the center bottom part of the player’s HUD. The amount of leaps that are charged will be indicated with icons that are in the left, upper gauge.

As the gameplay progresses, more fleets could join the armada of Molok Wardrivers. They will destroy any space stations or planets encountered while they are headed to CosmoStation Noah. This will limit resources that the player can have for mounting an attack. To destroy an enemy fleet, the player will need to warp to the coordinates of a fleet and destroy their spaceship and mothership that endlessly deploys spacecraft enemies until it is no longer operational. The shields will need to be raised by the player in their select menu to minimize the damage their ship receives. The fuel crystals the player has will deplete over time, having faster depletion when warping or taking damage. This makes visiting space stations for refueling necessary to continue gameplay. Damaged systems that can be repaired include weapons, engines, and the radar. When the system for life support malfunctions, that can ONLY be repaired at CosmoStation Noah. If there is a certain amount of damage done to the player’s ship, the engines can become inoperable, a laser cannon or both laser cannons might malfunction, and the radar could become very difficult to use.
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