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The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy NES Game Cartridge
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy was developed in 1991 by Codemasters. It was supposed to be released in 1990 during Christmas but there were legal actions between Nintendo and Codemasters over Game Genie. It was awarded Game of the Year in 1991 by the magazine Game Players, and also the Parents Choice Awards.

The story is about a an evil wizard named Zaks that cast a magic spell on the Yolkfolks and captures Daisy, who is Dizzy’s girlfriend. Dizzy goes on an adventure to find a castle in the clouds and rescue Daisy. There are all 16 characters from the series in Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy. Though most of the Yolkfolk were hurt by the wizard Zaks, some of them had their own problems. Other characters included in the game are Blackheart the Pirate, Good Wizard Theodore, Prince Clumsy, and Shop owner. There are many locations for Dizzy to go, including a secret tree house for the Yolkfolk, a mine, the next door city Keldor, a castle, grasslands, Carber Bay, a pirate ship, the cemetery, and Zak’s Castle. The game has a horizontal scrolling system, and most do not have a vertical scroll. When climbing a ladder or jumping to a platform off the screen, a screen will be loaded. Nighttime and daytime will cycle as you play through the game.

Dizzy is able to be damaged by any enemy, and you can complete puzzles by taking objects to certain locations, and capture all the stars scattered throughout the game. You can carry three items at max to use to finish puzzles. Some objects can be traded to other characters, given to them, or placed in specific places. The game is sometimes considered a merger of the previous titles, since there are plenty of places and puzzles that are familiar. There are also arcade minigames that are based on the older games from the series.

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