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Rygar Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

Rygar was released for the NES in 1987. It was originally an arcade game released in 1986 under the title Warrior of Argus. The player takes control of the Legendary Warrior and battles through a landscape of hostile enemies. The main weapon in the game is the Diskarmor which is a shield that has a chain attached. The information for the story from the console manuals reveal that Ligar, the main villain, has taken control of Argool. Rygar, the hero of the game, is a dead warrior that rises from the grave, needing to use the Diskarmor and other weapons, to defeat him. The console versions will have clues and the limited dialogue is given from gigantic sages that are encountered in the green stone temples through the game.

The player will use Rygar to go through many fantastic settings, having the goal to defeat King Ligar to return the peace to Argool, or Argus in the Japan version of the game. To accomplish the goal, the Warrior will need to visit Indora gods, a total of five, that will present him necessary items that are needed to complete the game. Every Indora god is located in different realms, with almost all being guarded by some boss. The player chooses the order they want to play the stages. Specific items are needed to get to new areas and will limit the choices somewhat. After completing all five of the major realms in the game, the player will need to journey to the flying castle of King Ligar to fight him. If the player loses all their lives, a ghost will take the Warrior back to the grave off the screen.

The enemies are all stated in the manual to have their individual unique abilities, designs, and names. The Molgolin is a creature with wings that will nest in higher places and will chase the player when spotted. The Kinatarnos often lives in the water and throws poisonous spines by bending its body backwards. Rolphers live in the ground and attack by rotating their bodies. A Pragokelis is a primitive type monster being thought of being brought back to life by Ligar. Epolcons are flying dragons that will drop eggs from show grouses onto the player. Deathpigors have two heads and breath fire. The Kuzeelar is a snail that shoots acid and moves slow. Bargan, a Super-Robot, shoots electromagnetic waves at the player. The Hyoking is ground dwelling and has hard skin. A Demorobruzer is a reptilian type creature that sits on a tank that is heavily equipped that can go on walls. The Olbis is water dwelling and can fly that is reptile looking. Then there are Kinohles, monsters that are made of sand and walk like crabs and shoot spores at the player.

The main protagonist, his Diskarmor, and most enemies are the same between the arcade and NES versions, but gameplay is quite different. The arcade is more like a platformer action game while the NES is open ended and action adventure like the game Metroid, which was released in the same time period. At the start, Rygar will have access to a few worlds, but new ones will open when the player finds items like a grappling hook, a crossbow, and a wind pulley. These will let him get across previous areas not passable. The NES also was more like an action RPG. It was notable for the permanent power ups the player could get, which was a cross between power ups in action adventure games and experience points in RPGs.

There is no function for saving Rygar on the NES. The game will take a lot of time due to the game’s difficulty and the puzzles the player will need to solve and the specific items needed for progression. The lack of a save function is due to the cartridge containing no battery, and there was also no password feature. This would force players to pause their game and leave the NES on all night and continue the next day. This would sometimes go on for many days or weeks before the player would get all the certain items and the power to complete the game. If the game was turned off accidentally, the system unplugged, or the system malfunctioned, all the data in the game would be erased and the player had to restart the game from the beginning.

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