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Sesame Street ABC/123 NES Game Cartridge

Sesame Street ABC & 123 was released for the NES in 1991. It was developed by Zippo Games and published by Hi-Tech Expressions Inc. to help children from the ages 3 up to 6. It is a compilation of the two games Sesame Street 123 and Sesame Street ABC, both of which were released in 1989 and feature characters from Sesame Street. 123 is for learning math based material. The two games in 123 are Astro-Grover, which has children play as Grover to count, add, and subtract Zips form the planet Zap to improve math skills, and Ernie’s Magic Shapes, which has the children work beside Ernie on practicing matching different colors and shapes presented in problems. ABC helps with the alphabet. The two games are Letter-Go-Round, which has children catch and match letters on the ferris wheel, helping them with matching, letter recognition, word formation, and simple spelling, and Ernie’s Big Splash, which has children help Ernie in finding his bath’s rubber duckie by making a pathway from the ducks soap dish to the bathtub. This will help practice problem solving, predicting, and planning.

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