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WCW World Championship Wrestling Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

WCW Wrestling was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Nichibutsu and published by FCI Inc. This game became the first, and still the only, game that was based from the NWA, or National Wrestling Association. During the time of release, WCW was still an NWA member. When Road Warriors left the WCW and went to the WWF, now called WWE, the WCW continued advertising the game inside their catalogs using a cartridge that had a mock up showing Sting on the game’s label. However, there are no known copies of the game having this alternate label and none believe they were ever manufactured. Over 100,000 units of the game was sold.

There a total of 12 playable wrestlers to choose from. Michael Hayes, Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner, Rick Steamboat, Kevin Sullivan, Steve Williams, Animal from Road Warriors, Hawk from Road Warriors, Mike Rotundo, Lex Luger, Sting, and Ric Flair. The game’s final opponent is a wrestler who is wearing a mask and has the name WCW Master. Since he is 7’4 and 525 pounds and is wearing the same attire Andre the Giant wore, it is assumed to be him.

When playing the game, every wrestler will have eight moves to select from, two different moves for Irish Whips, and one finisher. The game differed from most of the other wrestling games in that a player was able to select their moveset before starting a match. Every wrestler will have a menu showing eight moves, with every wrestler having a moveset unique to them. The player will choose four of the eight moves and assign them to one of the directions on the NES controller’s D-pad. The moves for Irish whips are performed after first doing a successful Irish whip, which is throwing an opponent towards the ropes when pressing left or right and then B. The player will then press either B or A when the opponent comes back close to them. Every wrestler will have a unique moveset for moves involving the Irish Whip. These moves will not be selectable when choosing moves.

Every wrestler will have their own finishing maneuver. These moves will have to be done in the center of the wrestling ring and are only able to be done when the player’s opponent has two or less squares left on their health meter. To perform the finisher, the player will need to simultaneously press B and A. A finisher will deliver significant damage and has the possibility of ending a match with a KO or submission.

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