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Rolling Thunder NES Game Cartridge

Rolling Thunder was released for the NES in 1989. It was developed by Namco and published by Tengen. The game was originally released for the arcades in 1986. The NES/Famicom version of this game will feature some minor changes and have additions that were not in the arcade like having passwords, some hidden bonuses, and having a harder version of the second mission that is accessible when the player inputs a password that is given when the normal version of the mission is completed. The player will take control of an agent named Albatross who is trying to save his partner, a female agent with the name Leila Blitz, from an organization that are terrorists, which is the secret society called Gledra that is located inside New York. Albatross is WCPO member and a part of their espionage unit called Rolling Thunder.

The player will need to travel through a couple different stories, or segments, with each having five stages, totaling ten. The player will have the option of starting a game at any stage during Story 1, depending on DIP switch settings. This will allow a player to have the choice of not playing any of segments 1’s first 4 stages. On every stage, a player can enter a door for taking cover and hiding from the enemies. The player will also be able to jump over rails, including some stairs, to lower or higher floors. The Story 2 stages are harder versions, essentially, of their counterparts from Story 1. They will feature more traps along with the enemies being placed differently. At each stage’s end, there will be scenes of Leila’s capture with the ensuing torture being shown on the large monitor.

The player will start the game with a regular pistol that they can substitute with an assault rifle that is fully automatic. The rifle will allow continuous firing when the player holds the firing button down. Ammunition can be found for either of the two weapons when the player enters a door labeled arms or bullets. If a player’s machine gun runs out of ammunition, they will need to switch back and use the pistol. If the player’s pistol also loses all ammo, they will only be able to shoot one slow bullet called a chaser at once on screen until more ammunition is collected. Even though the player will have a mete for health, their character will only be able to take two hits physically from enemies. One hit will drain the meter by half and a hit from an enemy projectile, like lasers or bullets, will kill the player instantly.

The game’s main enemies are soldiers with hoods called Maskers. These enemies will be dressed in a variety of colors and outfits, both of which will determine their attack pattern and strength, respectively. Some of the Maskers will throw grenades instead of shooting, and others will kneel and shoot their guns. The other enemies included in the game are ninjas, panthers, lava men, Gelzos which are mutated bats, and Blogas that are yellow creatures that shriek. At the final stage’s end, the player will need to battle Maboo, Geldra’s leader, to save Leila and finish the mission.

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