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Bump N’ Jump NES Game Cartridge

Bump ‘n’ Jump was released for the NES in 1988. It was originally and arcade game released in 1982. Sakata SAS developed the game and Vic Tokai published it. The goal in the game is trying to drive toward a level’s end while trying to bump the enemy cars into objects and also jumping over a variety of larger obstacles like bodies of water. The NES version adds some extra complexity to the game by requiring players to pick up gasoline cans that are scattered in every course since the player’s car steadily uses fuel while playing if their car is going too fast. Because of the view from above, the player will not be able to see the big obstacles in time to jump, but the game will display an exclamation point to alert the player an obstacle is going to appear.

Enemy vehicles will be separated into trucks and cars. The cars are able to be bumped into the obstacles or the player can jump on them and destroy them. The trucks, however, cannot be hit. The player only has the ability to destroy them by jumping on them. The trucks will drop obstacles sometimes that have the player destroyed or give them an extra life. When a level is completed, the player will receive some bonus points depending on the amount of vehicles they crashed.  When going to another level, the season will change. The player will receive points for causing enemy cars to wreck. One bonus is not apparent however. If no cars are destroyed by the player, they will receive 50,000 bonus points. When a car runs into an object a truck drops, it will not count and be not be against the player for getting the bonus.

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