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Dragon Spirit NES Game Cartridge

Dragon Spirit was released for the NES in 1989. It was developed by Namco and published by Bandai. The game was originally an arcade game released in 1987 and was also released for other consoles. The story is about a kingdom called Mitgult and the serpent demon Zawell escaped imprisonment after one thousand years. He then proceeds to kidnap Princess Alicia. Amul, a soldier, was chosen to save her and kill Zawell. Once his sword is pointed into the sky, he will transform into a blue dragon. He will then have the ability to drop bombs and breathe fire. There will be thirteen more powers he can collect during the quest. The nine might beasts of Zawell will need to be defeated at each stage’s end before fighting Zawell himself.

The game will have nine stages with the player flying around and destroying everything in the way. Like the game Xevious, the action will take place on two different planes, one in the air where the player’s dragon is flying and one on ground. The fire breath is shot upward and the bombs are dropped to hit ground in the dragon’s front. The enemies will be in air and on ground, with some being able to fly up off the ground and into the sky. The power ups can include more heads for the player’s dragon, faster shots, health, and others. These will help when fighting a boss at a stage’s end.

The NES game is unique because it presents an altered story and one additional mode of gameplay. The game is kind of a sequel with the subtitle saying A New Legend. In this game, Zawell will already be defeated and the King and his Queen Alicia will have two kids, one named Iris and one named Lance, a princess and prince, respectively. Galda, a newer evil, decided to invade Earth. He kidnapped Iris and Lace goes to rescue her. The NES version also has a newer initial stage. Once the player completes it, the game will continue in the Blue Dragon version of the game like the arcade game. If a player fails to complete the initial stage with one life, the easy mode named Gold Dragon will start and will skip almost half of the game’s levels. It will also give the player more hit points and have an alternate ending.

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