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Pinball Quest NES Game Cartridge

Pinball Quest was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by TOSE and published by Jaleco. The game is unique from the other pinball games in that it has a role playing style to it. The game will be short, having only six stages that are linear. The player will control a character that is ball shaped inside a castle and will control the flippers that are used for shooting the pinball that are in other scenes. The pinball will have no control on itself at that time.

In a lot of scenes, the objective will be to shoot a ball into one of the openings or kill the enemy by hitting them with a ball. Accomplishing those objectives will allow a player to progress to another stage in the game. The upgrades that will add abilities onto flippers or the ball will be able to be purchased while in castle scenes, using the gold that is earned while playing the game. The game’s final boss will be a demon that is red and will be fought inside a room that has demonic symbols. After the player beats the RPG part in the game, they will be forced to go up against the giant magnet that is destroyed using the pinball. The game will also feature three traditional tables for pinball. Americana, circus, and golf will be the themes.

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