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Where’s Waldo NES Game Cartridge

Where’s Waldo was released for the NES in 1991. Bethesda Software developed the game and THQ published it. The video game was the first that was loosely based from the book by Martin Handford having the same name. Being mostly the same as the books, the player will need to help Waldo make his way towards the moon by locating him in every one of the 8 levels the game has.
Waldo will be in a variety of pictures and will need to be located for the player to progress. During the levels that are pictures, the D-Pad on the controller will control the magnifying glass the player will need to use to place over Waldo to officially locate him and to move onto the game’s next level and another picture. During the practice and easy modes, the pictures will be still images that are screen size. In the Hard and Medium modes, a player will need to scroll on the side to be able to see all of the area. Also during these two modes, Waldo has the ability of changing color, making it harder to locate him during picture levels.

During Practice mode, no time limit will be present, but only some levels will be open. These levels are Caves, Forest, and Train Station. The timer for other levels will vary. When playing on easy, the timer will be set to ten minutes. When playing on medium, the timer will be set to seven minutes. When playing on hard, the timer will be set to five minutes. Waldo will be in a different location in each scene every time Where’s Waldo is played.

Not all of the levels will have the exact format of locating Waldo as other levels. During the level inside a cave, the player will need to locate Waldo while it is dark. Waldo will briefly pop up to help give the player a clue on his location. During the level inside a subway, the player will need to traverse a maze to collect Waldo and the glasses he dropped to be able to finish the level. Wizard Whitebeard will also need to be avoided because he can subtract from the player’s time if they land on his location. During the last level, three pictures showing Waldo will need to be matched so he can get on the moon.

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