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Burai Fighter NES Game Cartridge
Burai Fighter is a side scrolling shooter that was developed by Taxan and published by Taito Corporation for the NES in March 1990 in North America. Europe, Australia, and Japan also had the game released in 1990. The Game Boy had a port retitled Burai Fighter Deluxe that was released on June 27, 1990 in Japan and January 1991 in North America. Another port called Space Marauder was released for the Game Boy Color and was called Burai fighter Color in Japan.
The player’s goal is to fight off seven Burai bases. Burais are cyborgs that have a high intellect. You start out with a basic cannon but can upgrade it throughout the levels. Those upgrades include lasers, a ring, and a missile launcher, all of which are stronger. There are four difficulty settings the player can choose from. The easiest setting is Eagle, medium is Albatross, hard is Ace, and an unlockable difficulty, Ultimate, is very hard. Your character can move in eight different directions and can shoot in two different directions for each direction you can move.
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