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Dragon Warrior III NES Game Cartridge

Dragon Warrior III was released for the NES in 1992. It was developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix. The original Japanese title was Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. The game begins inside Aliahan, a castle town. Like the other worlds in Dragon Warrior, the game is set during a medieval period, having magicians and knights. The player’s party will explore many castles, ruins, and caves during the journey. Dragon Quest III’s geography corresponds largely to Earth’s actual geography. Many towns also correspond to cultures in the real world, which include Rome being Romaly, Portugal being Portoga, Iraq in present day being Assaram, Japan being Jipang, and the New Town in the east part of North America experiences some type of revolution against their overbearing ruler.

Dragon Warrior III takes place a long time before the first Dragon Warrior and the world is separate from Dragon Warrior I and II. Baramos, and evil fiend, has threatened to decimate the world. The story will revolve around the player’s Hero, the daughter or son of Ortega, a legendary warrior. The player will choose to play as a female or male. On the Hero’s sixteenth birthday, the King inside Aliahan castle summons the player’s character and gives them a challenge to go and destroy the evil Baramos and save the world. Ortega attempted to do so a long time ago, but apparently perished inside a volcano. The Hero, who the player controls, will then recruit a maximum of three more traveling companions in the quest to defeat Baramos.

The third Dragon Warrior is known for expanding greatly on the gameplay from the first two games. It will use the usual role playing game conventions like gaining experience to level up and equipping armor and weapons. Battling will be turn based, being the same as the first two games. Though the earlier Dragon Warrior games were also non linear in gameplay, the third installment had a more expanded experience in the open world. It also would allow players to swap characters freely out and in of the party. The night and day cycle was introduced, making specific quests, characters, and items accessible only at certain times of the day.

Dragon Warrior III will feature the class system, with every character having a specific class. When beginning the game, a player will start as a female or male hero, but can recruit party members at a local tavern. The player’s character will always have the class of Hero, while the other party member characters have the choice of being any other of the rest of the classes. These include a Sage, a Goof-Off, a Merchant, a Wizard, a Pilgrim, a Fighter, and a Soldier. The Thief was only available in later versions of the game. The class chosen for the characters will greatly affect their spells and stats they can learn. Also when reaching level 20, the player can have a character change their class at Dhama, a temple that is found about halfway into the game.

When a character has their class changed, their stats will be halved and will then restart at level 1. They will, however, retain their spells they have learned. This will allow the player to have one of their characters to know Wizard spells and have a defense of the Soldier class. Unlike the majority of Dragon Warrior parties, not including the Hero, the party members are made up with characters that are not involved in the game’s story. The player can have a total of four characters in their party at once. Any extra characters for the party will be kept inside the tavern, which will allow the player to have more room for newer recruits. Another innovation in DWII is the arena where a player can put bets on outcomes of battles to win extra gold.

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