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Hydlide NES Game Cartridge

Hydlide was released in 1989 for the NES, with T&E Soft publishing and developing the game. The original release was in 1984 for gaming computers, specifically the PC-8801 and NEC PC-6001. A remake, titled Virtual Hylide, was released in 1995 on the Sega Saturn.

The storyline is about a kingdom called Fairyland, where three magical jewels are enshrined inside the palace to retain peace upon the kingdom. An evil man one day stole a magic jewel after breaking in. With the third jewel being gone, the other two jewel’s magic were lost and their sparkle disappeared. With the three jewels losing power, Varalys, the kingdom’s most dangerous demon, broke out of the spell sealing his power. The other two jewels were eventually stolen with all the turmoil going around. Varalys then went to the kingdom and cast a spell on Princess Ann, which turned her into three separate fairies, and then hid them within the kingdom. Varalys then proceeded to release a large horde of monsters upon the land, eventually becoming the kingdom’s new ruler. Jim, a young knight, decided to stand up and take action to bring peace back to the kingdom, taking his journey to the wilderness, wearing armor and ready to fight monsters.

The gameplay has similarities to The Legend of Zelda, another game for the NES. The player, using Jim, starts on the world map. Random battles are not present in this RPG, which was common for these games during this time. Enemies are fought real time, in which the player gains experience after defeating the enemies. During the journey, you will find chests wit helpful items to help for later parts of the game. Also like in Zelda, the map is separated in squared segments, with the screen scrolling to the next when moving across the world. On the screen’s right are your characters stats, which include your life, experience, magic, strength, and the amount of health left of the monster you are fighting. The magic being used can be switched with the B Button.

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