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Faxanadu NES Game Cartridge

Faxanadu was developed and published by Hudson Soft and released in North America in 1989. The game is a side-story spin-off of the game Xanadu, the second game in the Dragon Slayer series. The game has had very positive reviews, with some reviews saying it was better than Castlevania and The Legend of Zelda.

The player takes control of an unknown wanderer of Faxanadu. Your character doesn’t have a name in the North American version, yet the Japanese one lets you choose a name from the start. The story starts when your character approaches his hometown of Eolis after being gone a long time. When he gets there, the town is practically abandoned and very run down, and is being attacked by Dwarves. The king of the Elves then explains the Elf fountain, which has water that is used as the elves life source, has stopped and all the other water was poisoned. The king then gives your character 1500 golds to get ready for the journey to find the cause.

During the story, the player learns that the Dwarves and Elves used to live in peace in the World tree and one day The Evil One appeared from a meteorite. He proceeds to transform the Dwarves against their will into monsters which makes them turn on the Elves. Grieve, the King of the Dwarves, swallows his magic sword before he is turned into a monster to make sure the Evil One would not acquire it, since it is the only sword that can destroy him. The quest leads into your character to four different areas on the overworld.

The player will control the protagonist on screen-by-screens of towns, fields, and dungeons. Your character has the ability to walk, climb ladders, and jump. Items can be purchased with the gold acquired while playing. The enemies are attacked with your bladed weapons and magic spells, and armor can be equipped to increase your defenses. Townsfolks can also give you more information about the story’s events when you speak to them. There is a life and magic bar at the top left of your screen to track your health and magic use. Your gold, total experience, current item being held, and item time are also displayed.

When an enemy is defeated, they will most of the time drop gold or bread to restore life, and your hero will gain experience, which will increase your rank. An item will sometimes be dropped from enemies that you can pick up for later or the item will cause specific effects immediately. The game uses a password system using letters, numbers, and punctuation. These passwords are obtained from the church-dwelling Gurus, who also rank your hero when certain amount of experience is obtained.

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