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Wizards and Warriors II Iron Sword NES Game Cartridge

Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II was released for the NES in 1989. Zippo Games developed the game and Acclaim Entertainment published it. This is the sequel to the original Wizards and Warriors. The player will again assume the role of Kuros, the Knight Warrior. This time, Kuros will take his adventure into Sindarin. Once again, he will need to destroy Malkil, an evil wizard. Malkil has become elemental forms, which include Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. The Ironsword, which is a legendary sword, will need to be assembled by Kuros to destroy Malkil who is residing at IceFire Mountain.

The game is a platformer and the player will explore Sindarin as Kuros to find and destroy Malkil with the IronSword, which must be assembled by the player. The D-pad will be used to move Kuros right or left. It can also be used to have him crouch. The buttons will allow the player to jump, attack enemies with magic or their sword, access the screen with Magic Spells, or to have the game paused. 

The life meter the player has will decrease each time they sustain damage from enemies or projectiles. Falling too far of a distance will also decrease the player’s life meter. To replenish a player’s life meter, chicken and brew can be collected. Whenever the player’s life meter completely runs out, they will lose a life. The game will end once all lives are lost. The player will be able to continue a total of two times at the last level they were playing on. The feature for continuing normally would be disabled when the player completes the earth domain, but because of a bug the game has, the player will lose the function for continuing the second they set foot inside that domain.

The four levels in Ironsword are called domains. Each of the domains is named after one of the four elements. In every domain, the player will need to locate an artifact that is golden and return it to the Animal King of that domain. When that is accomplished, a path that leads to the domain’s second part will appear. During the second area, the player will need to locate the magical spell that is necessary to destroy the domain’s elemental boss. If the player does not have the spell when confronting the boss, it will be impossible to damage them. When an elemental boss is destroyed, the player will receive an IronSword piece that will be needed for the last battle on top IceFire Mountain.

During the game, the player will need to collect money, spells, and items to progress. The money collected can be used to buy better weapons, helmets, shields, more magic spells, keys for opening treasure chests that are locked, and extra food. The treasure chests that are scattered around the levels will contain either magic spells, more money, or armor and weapon upgrades. In every domain, the player will be able to visit inns. While inside of an inn, the player is able to buy items, food, or keys. There is a game called Bonus Chance where the player can gamble money on trying to guess what cup a skull that bounces will fall inside of.

During the game, the magic spells will help the player against the enemies and the Elemental bosses. To obtain the magic spells, some will need to be bought while some will need to be found. Magic spells will include Familiar Spell that will turn an enemy into money and will help  retrieve some golden objects, Dragon Tooth which will turn an enemy into food, Asp Tongue which will slow down an enemy, Silver Fleece which will make the player invincible temporarily, and Water Spout which will create a column of water going upward to help the player reach the higher up places.

Other spells will be needed to destroy each elemental boss. These spells can be found in a each one of the game’s four domains. The spells will include Earthscorch, Firesmite, Blightwater, and Windbane, and are only able to be used during the levels they were obtained. Like other spells, they will also consume magic when using. The player can refill their magic by finding small gold bubbles that are floating and will appear randomly. They will also be triggered when a player is close to a secret location.

The player can have their score increased when they defeat enemies or collect items. There will be Sindarin Relics hidden throughout the game. These Relics will be worth a lot of points if the player finds and collects one. If the player’s score is high enough when the game ends, they will be able to put their name onto the IronSword Hall of Fame. This list, however, will be reset whenever the console is powered down. There will be a password system that will let the player obtain passwords from a Magic Spell Screen. The player will be able to use the password to continue their game at some other time including if the console is turned off.

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