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The Adventures of Bayou Billy NES Game Cartridge

The Adventures of Bayou Billy was released for the NES in 1989. It was developed and published by Konami. The game the revised version of Mad City that was released for the Famicom. It was modified with numerous graphical changes, also having a difficulty level increase. It will have a variety of gameplay styles that includes racing, gun shooting, and beat ’em up made popular during its time.

The story is about Billy West, also having the name Bayou Billy. He is a vigilante, Crocodile Dundee like survivalist, and an ex U.S. soldier coming from the city of New Orleans. He fought against a crime boss that was local, named Godfather Gordon. Gordon retaliated when Billy interfered with his smuggle operations by kidnapping Annabelle Lane, Billy’s girlfriend. This was an attempt to have Billy lured into one last battle. The quest to save Annabelle will consist of 9 stages, taking him from swamp lands to New Orleans’ Bourbon Street. He will battle Gordon’s henchmen before eventually arriving at the estate of Gordon, coming head to head with Gordon himself.

Most of the gameplay will follow the beat ’em up style with the player engaging in barehanded combat against each enemy they encounter in order to proceed from the current area into the next until they reach the level’s end. The player will need to accomplish this without losing all of their health. The basic attacks the player’s character Billy has are punches, kicks, and the jump kick that is performed when pushing the buttons B and A at the same time. The player is also able to find melee weapons that are dropped by specific enemies. These weapons are throwing knives, clubs, and whips. If a player picks a different weapon up while still having another weapon, the newly picked up weapon will replace the previous weapon.

Guns can also be picked up by the player. A gun can be drawn or withdrawn anytime when Select is pressed. Whenever the player has a gun drawn, the number that is beside the indicator on the screen’s top portion that looks like a bullet will start to flash. Other power ups included in those stages are chicken drumsticks, refilling the player’s health, and body armor, protecting the player from bullets and will reduce damage taken from other types of attacks. Enemies will mostly consist of humans during the Double Dragon like stages, but the player does occasionally fight some animals like guard dogs, eagles, and crocodiles.

During Stage 2 and Stage 7, the player will be in a rail type shooting format that is viewed in first person. These two stages can be played using the normal NES controller or the NES Zapper. This will depend on which mode was chosen by a player before starting the game. During these levels, the player will need to shoot the most gunmen they possibly can and then kill the stage’s boss at it’s end without losing all their ammunition or health. Specific enemies will end up dropping health kits and additional ammunition. They will also drop other types of power ups like hourglasses that will give the player unlimited ammunition for a short period of time, bulletproof vests that will leave the player invulnerable for some time, and stars that will destroy all the present enemies.

During Stage 4 and Stage 5, a player will need to drive a jeep through a freeway from grasslands into the suburbs. There will be a timer for these two stages. The player will accelerate and steer the jeep using the controller’s D-Pad. The B and A buttons will be used for shooting other cars located in front of the jeep and launching grenades at the airborne enemies. These will be the only two stages the player will not have the health gauge. Because of this, one collision with another vehicle, a bomb explosion, or another type of hazard will have the player lose a life. Time limit can be extended by picking up gas cans.

On top of the regular game mode, there will be a practice mode that features shorter versions of certain stages. This is to help the player familiarize themselves using the game controls for every gameplay style. When a practice stage is completed, the player will be awarded with one power up they can used during the initial game.

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