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Mega Man 4 NES Game Cartridge

Mega Man 4 was released for the NES in 1992. It was developed and published by Capcom. It’s the Mega Man’s series fourth installment. Unlike the third game, Keiji Inafune stated the development of the game had very little problems. Once again, the game takes place during an unspecified year in 200X. It is one year after events from the third game and a Russian scientist called Dr Cossack unleashed a robot army with intentions of dominating the world, like Dr Wily tried before him. Mega Man is called upon by Dr Light once again, but this time to stop the Robot Masters created by Dr Cossack. They have taken over eight different cities. Mega Man is then equipped with a newer Mega Buster that was secretly developed.

When Mega Man defeats the eight new Robot Masters, which are Drill Man, Dive Man, Skull Man, Dust Man, Ring Man, Pharaoh Man, Bright Man, and Toad Man, he heads towards Dr Cossack’s fortress made of ice. While battling with Dr Cossack, Proto Man, the brother of Mega Man, shows up with the daughter of Cossack, Kalinka. She starts begging Mega Man to cease fighting with her father, then tries to explain that she was kidnapped by Dr Wily and forced Cossack to build the robot army. With Proto Man undoing Wily’s plan, he steps out from hiding. Mega Man hunts down Wily and makes his way through Wily Castle. Dr Wily manages in escaping the castle. Mega Man also escapes the self destructing fortress and then rides a passing train home, being greeted by Rush and Roll.

The gameplay of the fourth Mega Man is similar to the last three games. Like always, the player will need to finish eight stages with Mega Man in any order. The player will be able to jump, shoot, climb, and run their way past enemies and obstacles. The sliding ability was retained from the third game. There will be a Robot boss at each stage’s end. When defeating one of the Robot Masters, Mega Man will gain their special weapon which the player can use in later stages. When all eight of the bosses are defeated, linear stages in two sets will need to be finished to complete the game. The biggest addition to this game is a Mega Buster, which is an upgrade from the standard arm cannon used in the first three games. The player will be able to fire a charged shot by holding the fire button down. This will shoot a blast that is stronger than a standard shot. This feature is used in later games of Mega Man.

The player’s dog Rush will make it’s return from the third game as well, still having the ability of transforming into Marine, Jet, or Coil modes for traversing through different environments. Besides Rush, two more support items that are called Balloon Adapter and Wire Adapter will also help the player reach areas that were not originally accessible. These hidden items, however, will need to be found within a stage instead of the player obtaining it from defeating a boss. Like the special weapons, all three of the Rush modes along with the two extra adapters will be limited in ammunition and drains when used. A character that makes his first appearance, Flip Top Eddie, will provide a player with a single random item, like ammunition or health, at specific points during some levels.

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