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Lufia and the Fortress of Doom SNES Game Cartridge

Lufia & the Fortress of Doom was released for the SNES in 1993. Neverland developed the game and Taito published it. This was the first video game in the series of Lufia. The story starts with a giant floating island that has a big castle on it and it appeared one day in the sky. It was named Fortress of Doom and was a base for operations of a group that consisted of powerful beings that were called Sinistrals. Their plan was to use their power to take control of the planet.

To respond to this, people ended up sending four brave warriors named Maxim, Selan, Artea, and Guy to penetrate the fortress and defeat the Sinistrals in time before any harm is done. The game will start with a player controlling all four of the characters as they try to prepare to fight the Sinistrals and hopefully defeat them. After battling them, however, the fortress starts collapsing, and Selan and Maxim become trapped on a deep chasm that formed when the throne room split apart. Since Guy and Artea were not able to teleport Selan and Maxim to safety, they had to leave the island alone as it was falling. It was assumed their allies were killed after the island crashed into earth.

There was peace for 90 years after the Sinistrals were defeated. The actual story of the game will be set 90 years after the events of the fortress falling. The story will be told from a red haired boy’s perspective that the player will name. Eventually, he gets caught up in the struggle of saving the world again from a new Sinistral army.

There were be three sets of characters in the game. The starting characters, the playable characters, and the non playable characters. The starting characters will start with Maxim. He is the prequel’s primary character and has a past similar to the player’s Hero with specific variations. Selan, Maxim’s wife, is a powerful user of magic but will not have strong melee attacks. Guy is Maxim’s longtime friend who does not have any knowledge of magic but is the strongest character physically. Artea is an elf that is able to attack all the targets with a bow and will have a decent magic. He lives through the first and second Sinistral comings due to an elf’s long lifespan.

The playable characters will start with The Hero. He is the game’s primary character that a player will name. Alekia, which is a smaller town, is where The Hero grew up. Roman, who was his father’s friend, was the man that raised him since his father had died while in battle a long time ago. The Hero is very skilled with a sword and prefers fighting within close range. He also wears armor that is heavy and has a little bit of magic skills which is usually defensive spells and healing. People say he is a descendant of Maxim, the hero that defeated the Sinistrals 90 years ago. Lufia is the best friend of the hero and has known her since they were kids. She is very bossy but has spell casting proficiency. She also is romantically interested in The player’s character and will help him any way possible. The weapons she uses are lightweight weapons like wands, flails, and sometimes frying pans. Lufia will utilize Explosion, Water, and Thunder magic along with other support spells. Aguro is the Lornbenia nation’s army leader. He is a warrior who is hardened an has interest in the fighting ability of the Hero. Aguro will have no magical skill and will rely on his sword, lance, and axe skills and brute strength. He is also able to equip some heavy armor like the Hero to have his defense increased. The last playable character is Jerin, who is half elf and has a lifespan that has increased and appears younger in person because of heritage. She is good magic skills and is agile and prefers fighting long distance so she can use a wand or a bow during combat. She will be proficient with Ice and Fire magic and has mastered healing magic.

The non playable characters are the Sinistrals, who are four powerful warriors that are god like and plan to take over the planet. From the floating fortress, they collected their strength but Maxim and the other three starting warriors still was able to defeat them. The ranks of the Sinistrals will include Gades, who is the Destruction Master, a warrior who is proud and over bearing with dark armor. Amon, who is the Chaos Master, is a man who is very resourceful and wears armor made of gold and has a trident as his weapon. Erim, who is the Death Mistress, is capable of reviving any brother of hers if they ever fall during combat. The last is Daos, the Terror Master and the leader, who is a sorcerer that is incredibly powerful. There is a localization error in the English version and Amon and Daos have reversed titles. Amon ends up being the Terror Master and Daos ends up being the Chaos Master. This game is the only one in the Lufia series with an error like this.

The game will play like traditional RPG games and will feature 2D sprites for characters and the environments. The story is advanced by the player when they travel through many harsh dungeons and encounter monsters during the journey. The battles will randomly occur as the player walks or will happen in certain scripted situations. Winning these battles will give the player’s characters experience points for leveling up. This will give the characters access to newer abilities and make them more powerful at the same time. The battles will be in first person and will have the player use every character’s strengths like magic use or physical attacks like other RPG’s that are mainstream.

There is an interesting characteristic in the game’s battle system which is reminiscent of the older RPG games like the first Final Fantasy. When the player has a specific enemy that they ordered two characters for attacking, and the player’s first character kills the enemy, the attack of the second character will still target the enemy that was defeated and miss. This makes fore sighting required to ensure none of the player’s characters waste any moves. Other RPG games will have the second character target another enemy if the enemy originally targeted is destroyed.

To get restorative items and new equipment, the player will need to purchase them from a vendor in a variety of towns or they can find them in the chests that are scattered around the world. The progress the player makes will be saved in a slot on the game’s battery that is built in for backing up the system. To do this, the player will need to go to a church and talk to a priest that will be available in most of the towns.

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