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Star Tropics II Zoda’s Revenge NES Game Cartridge

StarTropics II: Zoda’s Revenge was released for the NES in 1994. It was published and developed by Nintendo. The game is the sequel to the original game StarTropics. The game was the next to last licensed NES game to be released, with the last being Wario’s Woods. It was also the last game Nintendo developed for NES exclusively.

The story starts with Mike receiving a message telepathically from the Argonian princess Mica, the same princess that was rescued in the first game. The message tells Mike how to go about solving the cipher that his uncle and himself found son the Argonians’s space pod’s side. Mike then goes and visits Dr Jones, and together they figure out the cipher, then reading it aloud. Mike is then thrown to the past, arriving at the Stone Age. When Mike helps a tribe of some cave men with rescuing their children from a wild boar, he then finds an item, which Mica then tells him telepathically that it is a Tetrad. Mike will need to travel through different time periods in Earth’s history to find the other Tetrads. While doing this, he learns of Zoda, who is also trying to find the Tetrads.

The game has nine chapters yet the first chapter is just story line. Every chapter after the first will take place in different times and places, each having one or multiple bosses, many areas, multiple areas, obstacles, medicine, and puzzles. The first game took place almost only on tropical islands, and this game will take place in many locales, like the caveman era, Wild West, Ancient Egypt, England during older times, and Medieval Times. During gameplay, Mike will meet a lot of important fictional and historical figures on the journey through time. The figures will consist of Leonardo Da Vinci, Sherlock Holmes, Merlin, Cleopatra, and King Arthur that helps him achieve the goal of locating the Tetrads, also helping him defeat the three clones of Zoda.

Zoda’s Revenge will run on the first StarTropics engine, but with modifications, excluding health still be measured by heart containers like The Legend of Zelda. Mike is not limited anymore with moving in just squares, like the original. He can now move in all eight directions and has the ability of changing directions mid jump. He will also now be able to use a variety of weapons that include Tink’s Ax, Leonardo’s Katana, the Bronze Dagger of Cleopatra, and a magic attack that is a projectile learned from Merlin. The name of the magic attack is the Psychic Shock Wave and is upgradeable. Only the weapons that are psychic in this game will be affected with the amount of hearts the player has filled. The player will occasionally encounter enemies that will react differently with the different that are used.

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