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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES Game Cartridge

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released for the NES in 1989. It was developed by Konami and published by Ultra Games. It became the first game, alongside the game in the arcades, based from the animated television show from 1987 with the same name. It was released after season two was finished. It was commercially successful, selling more than four million copies, becoming an NES best seller.

The Turtles, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo, are pursuing the Shredder to obtain a Gun called the Life Transformer, which is a device that has the capability of restoring their sensei Splinter’s form back to human. The first objective the turtles have is rescuing April O’Neil, the reporter who they friended. She is has been captured by Rocksteady and Bebop somewhere within the city. When April is rescued, the turtles will need to swim underwater to try to disarm bombs that are set on destroying the dam, save Splinter from Mecha Turtle, fight a large Mouser, locate the Technodrome, then finally defeat the Shredder.

The game is single player and will allow the player to control any of the turtles of their choice. The player will begin as Leonardo, being able to switch between the other turtles during gameplay anytime when they press Start on the NES controller to go to the screen with information. The game’s info screen will have a summary for every Turtle’s health along with what special weapon they have obtained, the current area’s map grid, and messages received from either April or Splinter. The map grid, however, will not be available for the game’s final stage. When the player loses all their health, falls inside a trap like fire pits, or when a Roller Car runs them over with whichever Turtle they are using, the enemy will capture that character and force a player to switch to another Turtle that remains. When all four of the Turtles are captured, the game will be over. A Turtle that was captured is able to be freed from the third stage and onward. However, only one Turtle is able to be freed each stage. The game will have six stages total.

The game will start from a view overhead that will be used to navigate around the game’s mission map. Whenever the player goes inside a building or manhole, the view will switch to the side view. The enemies will attack a player when they are exploring the game during the view overhead. Roller Cars, Foot Soldiers, and aircrafts in the later missions will be able to assault a player. The player, however, can attack back with their weapon. During the third stage, the player can use cannon fire or missiles from the Turtle’s Party Wagon. When the player is inside a building or sewer, they will encounter enemy characters like Fire Freaks who are beings on fire, more Foot Soldiers that can throw shurikens, kick, and jump, and Mousers. A player will also be able to obtain special items and weapons. Pizza that is found will restore health.

During the second part of the second stage, the player will jump into the Hudson River and locate eight total bombs that were planted at the dam to disarm them. In the level, the player will need to avoid multiple traps like electrified seaweed and electrical currents. The player will also have a timer with two minutes, twenty seconds for locating all of the bombs.

A variety of items will be available to the player to pick up during gameplay, which include single shurikens that are throwing stars, the triple shurikens that will allow the player to launch three stars at the same time in a spread pattern, some boomerangs, and a scroll called the Kiai, which will expand into a beam that is crescent shaped and will inflict massive damage, even to the game’s boss characters. The items will be occasionally dropped from enemies. Other items that the player can only find in specific sewers or buildings, will include missiles that the Turtle’s Party Wagon will use during the third stage to destroy barricades and enemy vehicles, ropes to cross wide gaps that are between buildings, and also an item that is shaped like a face of a Turtle that makes the player invincible for a short period. The player will also be able to kill enemies with one hit.

There will be three different types of pizza the player can obtain. One slice of a pizza will restore 25% of the player’s health, which is two boxes on their life meter. Half of a pizza will restore 50% of the player’s health, which will be four boxes. An entire pizza will restore the player’s whole life gauge. The player will be able to attack with the default weapon while walking, crouching, or jumping, or the player can use an alternate weapon that they picked up by pressing Select on the controller to select another weapon. The ropes will be used automatically while on a building with appropriate pipes to make the connection.

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