Wheel of Fortune Family Edition NES


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Wheel of Fortune Family Edition NES Game Cartridge

Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Rare and published by GameTek. The game is based on a Television game show having the same name. This version will allow 1 to 3 players to compete against in the game. If the max amount of human players are not playing, the human players participating will be able to compete against the computer players. There will be three different difficulty levels for the computer. The goal of this game is solving word puzzles by guessing the letters. Players will take turns on spinning a big wheel that will have designated amounts of money in most of the spaces. There will also be some bankrupt spaces if the wheel ends up landing on that specific space.

After spinning the wheel, a player will guess a letter. If the letter they guessed appears on the puzzle, the spaces on the board with those letters will be flipped to show the letter. The player will then earn the amount of cash that was shown on the wheel they landed on, and then multiplied by how many of that letter appeared on the word puzzle. English consonants will be the only letters that can be guessed. The 5 vowels for English are able to be purchased by using the earnings the player has.

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