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Hollywood Squares NES Game Cartridge

Hollywood Squares was released in 1989 for the NES and was developed by GameTek. It is based on the hit TV game show of the same name. The tv series ran from 1966 until 1980, then being syndicated 1986 until 1989, and again 1998 until 2004. Also like the game show, two people play a type of tic tac toe with each square having a celebrity. A player asks a celebrity of their choice a question and they answer. The player must then disagree or agree with the answer the celebrity gave. If the player is correct with agreeing or disagreeing, they obtain the square on the board. Three games are played, and the winner goes to the final round. During this round, the player will pick a car and a key out of separate groups. If the key matches the car, the player wins the game.

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