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Ice Hockey NES Game Cartridge

Ice Hockey was released for the NES in 1988 and was developed and published by Nintendo. It was ranked 142 on the Top 200 Games for a Nintendo console in Nintendo Power. It was also ranked 100 in IGN’s top 100. The game also has regional differences in the teams included on the roster. Both the North American and Japan versions had six teams, with five of them being the same. The five teams that both versions share are the United States, Canada, Poland, the Soviet Union, and Czechoslovakia. For the sixth team, Japan had their own country in the lineup where as the United States had Sweden in place of Japan. Also in the Japan version, the music for game play and scoring goals is different from the North America version.

The mechanics and gameplay of the game are similar to real life hockey. The object of the game is hitting a puck with hockey sticks to try and score a goal against the opposing team. Both teams consist of five hockey players with the goaltender included, which in real life there are six hockey players. The players are wearing ice skates that are used for skating around an icy arena. Every game has three periods, and the winner is the team with the most goals by the end of all three periods. When the game starts, a player from both teams will meet in the center of the ice rink to have a face off. The game has three types of players. the first will be feeble, weak, and fast, but will be good with the face off. The second has all average qualities. The third will be slow and bad with the face off, however is very strong in shooting and body checking.

The ice arena is designed similar to real life ice hockey arenas. There is ice coated in the arena with goals on both sides of the ice arena. The arena also has a variety of areas marked, which include a goal line where the puck will need to cross for scores, a defending/attacking zone that is marked close to both goals, a face off area, a neutral area, and some other areas. Both sides of the ice arena have the same exact design. If two hockey players from opposing teams fight over the black puck for some specific time, both teams will have their teammates join in on the fight, which will result with the player on the team that loses the fight being sent to a penalty box for a certain period of time.

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