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Ring King NES Game Cartridge

Ring King was released for the NES in 1987. It was originally an arcade game released in 1985. Data East published the game for the NES.

The game will continue the theme of the series of comical sports. The player will play as a boxer that is making his way from debuting and becoming the world champion. Rink King is standard, probably unintentionally, of boxing games during its time period, but with quirky monikers for the opponents the player will encounter. There are 8 opponents in the game. They are Onetta Yank, Green Hante, Blue Warker who is the champion in the arcade game, Beat Brown, Bomba Vern, White Wolf, Brown Pants, and Violence Jo who is the reigning champion in the NES game. If the player wins the world championship, gameplay will continue cycling through the boxers Onetta Yank, Green Hante, and Blue Warker.

The player has the choice of many different punches and defense maneuvers. There are also special attacks that are unique. The player’s stamina will revive by pressing a button rapidly during the interval between rounds. The three stats each boxer has are speed, stamina, and punch. These stats can be improved by using power points that are gained after every boxing match. Powerful boxers can be created if the player performs well during the matches. The player will be provided passwords to save their progress. Two players is available in the game for two people to face each other in a boxing match. The player can also counter punch, and if too many punches are missed, it will cause the boxer to lose stamina.

The special attacks are the biggest of all the other characteristics in the game due to the comical style of the attacks. They can be activated when the attack button is pressed by the player with the correct timing and correct distance. Special attacks can instantly knock out opponents, but if the player is countered before the special attack, it will cause extreme damage back to the player. A really powerful hook is the first type of special attack, which has the boxer spin around in a top like fashion. The straight punch is the second type of special attack which will propel an opponent to the ropes when connecting. The uppercut is the third type of special attack that will launch an opponent straight up in the air. If timed correctly, it can launch an opponent outside the ring, causing a TKO.

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