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Pinball NES Game Cartridge

Pinball was released for the NES in 1985, being a release title for the console, and was published and developed by Nintendo. It was also an arcade game released world wide in 1984. Two games had Pinball as unlockable minigames, which were Doubutsu no Mori which was for Nintendo 64 and the other being Animal Crossing for Nintendo Gamecube. It became a downloadable game on the Wii’s Virtual Console in 2006.

The player will control paddles on a virtual style pinball machine. There are two screens in the game, one representing a traditional pinball machine and the other one being the bonus mode. The player starts by using the plunger to shoot the ball from the bottom part of the screen, being the first screen. It will then go through into the top part of the screen, which is the second screen. The gameplay will move back to screen one if a ball falls back down to the bottom and will go back to the second screen on the top part once a ball is bounced back up through the top space of the first screen. The player will control the flippers on both the top screen and the bottom screen to prevent the ball from falling completely off the bottom screen.

Pinball also has a secondary game mode similar to Breakout which has the player reach by hitting a ball into the one of the bonus holes that will lead to the bonus stage. During this bonus stage, the player will control Mario, who is carrying a platform. The goal of the bonus mode is trying to save Pauline, the same person Mario had to save in the game Donkey Kong. To save Pauline, the player will use Mario’s platform to bounce a ball and hit various targets. Destroying targets will earn the player points. Once all blocks from underneath Pauline are destroyed, she will fall. The player will then need to catch Pauline on the platform that Mario is holding to earn the bonus points. If she hits the ground, the player will lose the bonus mode.

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