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Rollerball NES Game Cartridge

Rollerball was released for the NES in 1988 and was developed and published by HAL Laboratory. The game is emulated from a real pinball machine and is up to four players. The machine is composed with four different screens that would be about two standard machines ling if it were real life. The top screen, being bonus screen, just shows a blimp and some clouds. The second, being main screen, will show the Empire State Building. The third, the intermediate screen, will show the Statue of Liberty. The fourth, being the lowest screen, will show a backdrop being blue that represents the ocean.

When in Main mode, every player will launch a ball straight to the main screen. There is a little loop that is marked SLOT at the top. If the ball is sent through the loop, the game will display a slot machine in the screen’s center that cycles. The slot will have a variety of rewards or penalties given when a symbol appears in all three slots. The symbols are a bell, cherries, or an eggplant. The SLOT loop’s center is open which will allow the player to go to a bonus screen. In the main screen’s right upper part are two kickback holes, with the upper having a bumper close by. The lower will launch the ball up and rely on the wall’s curvature for directing it to the hole in the upper part. Two different things are possible if the ball enters that hole. If the slot during the bonus is empty, a ball will be sent to that certain slot and then another ball is released into the plunger and enters play. If the slot has a ball, the current ball will be relaunched in the hole in the lower part.

When playing on intermediate screen, the best way to get back to main screen is sending the ball into the kickback hole that is located in the left, upper part on the screen. It will usually fire up onto main screen if the ball enters, but it will switch the direction each time used. If three cherries appear on the SLOT, the hole will shoot a ball up every time. This screen is not desirable to be, but there are chances for scoring. There are also three different sets of drop targets, having three per set, and one set of three different slots. When beginning the game, A light showing "A" will be lit above slot one, and then one of the three sets of drop targets will be chosen, with a green light flashing to mark it. A tally to keep track of bonus points will start with 3,000 points. The tally will increase when a drop target set is completed. The tally will be added to the score when the ball is sent into a slot with a light lit above it. The light can be moved when the flippers are used.

The screen with the least desirability is the lower one. The ball has the chance of officially being drained on this screen. There are still options are available for the player. The apparatus located near the left will act like a slot machine that gives bonuses. There is a button on the apparatus’s lower part that will enable it, with the spinner changing the bonus shown. The sensor that is flashing will give the player points if the ball goes over it. In the right upper part is a small flipper that is sitting near one kickback hole. This hole will send a ball back into the plunger, relaunching the ball and no penalty of a lost ball. The hole is enabled by the bonus Exit Hole from the apparatus on the low part on the screen or getting three cherries on main screen. Near the left two flippers on the left is another kickback slot. It is opened the same as the Exit Hole, and so can the stopper that is between the two left flippers. It also can be opened with lighting the middle screen’s ABC slots. A hit from the flipper on the left that is well aimed can send a ball back to intermediate screen.

When playing the bonus mode screen, the player will need to shoot a ball over every sensor to spell out SKY HIGH that is written on top of them, with the letters being random. The letter will need to be flashing when the ball rolls over it or it won’t activate. When this is finished and a ball is placed into a kickback hole on the top screen area, all the letters will change to bumpers which will then need to be hit multiple times to take them away and restart the bonus again. Being successful in the bonus will give the player large amounts of points and an extra ball when completed for the first time and a bonus multiplier every other time. In the left and right top corners on the bonus are sets of targets, having four on each side. When all these targets are activated, the left corner targets, saying RAISE THE SAVER, will place one stopper between the flipper apparatus on the left and the wall on the left. The right corner targets, saying OPEN THE GATE, will open another kickback slot located at the right lower corner. When a ball is locked inside this kickback slot, it will start a multiball with two balls when bonus screen is enabled. If another ball is locked in the kickback, the ball that is locked will send the other ball back to the play area.

If a ball goes past the lower screen’s bottom flippers, wither between or the sides, the ball will be drained, with the bonus at the end being calculated. The current bonus tally is kept when playing the game and is shown on the screen’s lower part. The bonus will start with 1,000 points while playing. When a ball is drained, the bonus will count down to 0 and add the points shown to the score. If there is a bonus multiplier, the count will be repeated. The multiplier can increase when a bonus game is completed after the first completion, or when three balls or three cherries appear on the main screen’s SLOT. The game will end when all the balls have been drained. A normal score is about 300,000 points while getting a score of 1,000,000 points will enable the credits when the last ball gets drained.

Another mode in Rollerball is Match Play, which is two players. During this mode, a smaller table that is only one screen will house many switches and buttons that will lower the players score by different amounts. There are four sensors located on the table’s middle part that will switch scores for both players when they become lit. The slot is spun with buttons located on the walls. The bonus is activated when a ball hits the button near the wall’s top part. The first person to lose all their points will lose the game. There are two animals in each player’s middle area that shows emotion, from sadness to ecstasy, and depends on the player’s current score and the scoring margin between both players. The English game will have a donkey and an elephant for the player’s animals. This is likely used to represent the Democratic and Republican political parties.

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