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The Legend of Kage NES Game Cartridge

The Legend of Kage was released for the NES in 1987. It was developed by TOSE and published by Taito. It was originally an arcade game released in 1985. In the game, the player will take control of Kage, which stands for Shadow. The Iga ninja is on a quest to save Princess Kiri from Yuki and Yoshi, the two main villains of the game. The player will need to fight through a forest, go through a secret passageway, go up a fortress wall to get into the castle, and save the princess three times to be able to finish the game. Every time the player saves the princess, the season in the game will change.

The player’s main weapon in the game is the kodachi shortsword, and the secondary weapon will be an infinite number of shurikens. The game’s main gameplay will revolve around killing the enemy ninjas, red and blue, and monks that breath fire. Stage one is a forest that will scroll vertically and horizontally. The player will have the ability of jumping really high, being able to go higher than the screen’s height, and be able to scale/grab trees that will be many screen heights. Getting a book will cause the player’s character to stand without moving and meditate shortly while the enemies that approach drop dead during the lightning storm.

Stage two will be at a water’s edge but with just horizontal scrolling. The screen’s lower half will be underwater with red and blue ninjas appearing wearing breathing tubes. Ten of those ninjas will need to be killed for the player to advance. A player can jump into water, but their mobility will be hampered severely. Stage three will have vertical and horizontal scrolling like Stage one, but the player will need to continuously jump to  get to the temple’s top. Stage four will be the temple itself. The player will need to make their way up four stair sets while killing or avoiding enemy monks and ninjas, trying to save Princess Kiri. Stage five will be the boss stage, starting at the temple’s top, with Kiri and Kage jumping off the temple and back into the forest. The boss kidnaps Kiri again, but this time the player will fight and kill him.

In the home console versions, including the NES version, grabbing crystal balls will change the player’s clothes to another level in color, therefore obtaining specific powers, either faster speed or a bigger shuriken. If the player is hit while playing the home version wearing orange or green clothing, they will not die, but instead revert back to the red, normal clothes.

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